Has anyone fed their chickens mixed nuts?


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
I have a big bag of semi stale nuts. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, peanuts, etc and I was wondering if I could feed these to my chickens?
I'm not sure let me check my page.

ETA: I think a Peanut once a month should be alright.
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Salted or unsalted? The nuts should be fine, but if they are salted I would rinse and dry them first.
Nuts themselves shouldn't be a problem. Full of energy and good fatty acids that they need. The salt content of various foods we eat can be a problem though. You have to watch that. I forgot and tossed mine a ham bone to pick the remaining meat off. No ill chickens but the waterer was emptied that day.
I feed mine woodpecker feed from the store several nuts in there plus blk. oil sunflower seeds.Also peanuts and safflowers seed. They seem to really like them all!
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I should add that my only concern would be if there were any brazil nuts in the mixture. They are so large and chickens can be pigs and choke on things. I say this because my flock members will try to eat a fig whole and I've worried once or twice that I was going to have to perform the chicken version of the heimlich maneuver.

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