Has anyone had Lasik? Update: DONE!!!!


10 Years
May 1, 2009
I have an appointment for Lasik on June 10 and I am getting VERY nervous. I already rescheduled it once; I had my pre-exam back in Feb. I am going to go through with it this time for sure. I made hotel reservations and everything this time around. I am having the surgery a couple hours south of me so thought it would be best just to stay down there.

I have a couple questions. The dr. told me that most people have a small amount of discomfort after the procedure and your nap.

I am wondering how much is a small amount of discomfort, is it like something is in your eye and bothering you but not really pain?

How did you feel later in the day after Lasik? Were your eyes red and sore? Were you able to go out or did you prefer to stay home? My Lasik is scheduled at 10:00 in the morning and my DH and I were thinking about going out that evening. I just want to figure out if I will feel good enough to do it.

Any other tips or information you can give me is greatly appreciated. I am having mine done by a Dr that has done over 85,000 surgical vision corrections and helped develop the technology over the last decade.
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Well, I don't have any personal experience, but I used to work for an eyedoctor years ago. Everyone I saw that had the procedure done were absolutely thrilled with the results. Why don't you call the doctor's office and ask about the soreness after the procedure? I can't remember if people complained about it or not.

Good luck!
I had it done in 2004 and the discomfort is nothing more than feeling like your eyes are dry, and they give you drops to use. You have to tape these funny looking things over your eyes when you sleep and no make up for two weeks. I never had any after effects at all. The laser looks like it's hot pink coming down onto your eye and you don't feel a thing. I could immediately see the clock on the wall where before surgery I couldn't. The gave me enough valium that I was slurring my words.
Then they gave me two Xanax. One as soon as I got home and another for that night so I slept.

And BOY did I sleep!
My vision was -950 and -850 with a horrible astigmastism. Dr. Christopher Blanton in Colton, CA is a pioneer for the surgery and he did mine with no problem. Total cost in 04 was $3600, and I was able to make payments. I am sure someone in his office could refer you to someone in the Bay area.
I can't remember the year, about 2004, but I had the exact same clock experience. You don't forget getting to see for the first time. ;o) I too had those fly eye, plastic domes with lots of tiny holes that you were to leave on your eyes the first day. I only remember not liking the sunlight on the drive home, feeling like an idiot eating dinner at a restaurant cause this little kid kept pointing at me, hilarious. To this day, I DO NOT rub my eyes, they stressed that nobody should rub their eyes. There is no what I would call pain, simply dry eyes that don't like the sun, and I remember similar experiences from my college days. I do remember getting home and going to sleep and not waking up until the next day, but my hubby and I had to leave early that morning and drive for 100 miles, so I was simply tired. One thing, I wish I had spoken to someone about monovision, the procedure where they only do one eye. At the time it sounded bizarre to me, but now at 55 I am having trouble reading up close, would I still have both visions now if I had chosen monovision? I wish I would have asked the question.
My SIL had it done a few years ago and she was and still is thrilled. She said she had "some discomfort" and when I drilled her about it she described it as "annoying." Said she would do it again in a heartbeat. I still can't make myself go... something about anyone touching my eyes! My contacts are -7.50 both eyes, and doc said I could see without additional lenses if done.
One time I got an eye exam and the optometrist asked me if I'd considered getting lasik done. I said I wasn't sure, because of course anyone would be worried about their eyes. He reassured me that he'd gotten it done more than a decade ago, and he has had no side effects. I think when I have the money I may consider getting it. I have astigmatism, but I do not think it is that bad. -4.50 in right eye and -4.25 in the other. I hate having to spend $200 every year for contact lenses, and my insurance doesn't cover getting both contacts and eyeglasses. I'd love to hear everyone else's experience, too.
I had it done in 03 and like Debi said it just feels like your eye is dry and maybe a little gritty. I had mine done 2 hours away as well and stayed with my sister for the night. I was tired and don't think I would have felt like going out. It just depends on the type of person you are. The thing I had the hardest time with was not being able to rub my eyes. You don't realize how much you do it until you can't. Especially in the shower. I had to keep a dry rag in there to dab them off. Other than that I am glad I did it!!

I too had astigmatism bad in the one eye so don't let that stop you.
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I had mine done, lucky my insurance covered it until a year later, they stopped it. Best choice I made. Yes it will feel dry and gritty at times. No glasses for about 11 years until now, as I got older, reading glasses is all I need for now. I had BAD astigmatism in both eyes for YEARS. I had to go to Springfield hospital outpatient to have it done. Made two trips one eye each day. For a week it was blurry, out of focus and I thought the doctor botched the job but he said it is normal for one to go thru the adjustments when your vision wants to go one way and your brain is trying to fight it out. After the fifth day, it was down pat but sensitive to light. However night driving, forget it, not for a while because of those "halos" coming off from the headlights of cars at night was scarey and also walking in the dark with very little light, I had my finance' father guiding me around. Bless his heart! I htink it was about a year before the night time vision was OK and was able to get around without any halos. When I am tired, it acted up. Too long on the computer, it does that too.

No regrets having it done. Best self investiment I ever made that took a huge risk. Particuarly with my handicap, being deaf and going blind terrifies me. I NEED my vision, its very important to me.

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