Has anyone had this happen?


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Sep 1, 2011
My dog bailey has been perfectly fine around the girls since we got them, around a year ago. Well today I was holding one of my hens Bella and she flies out of my arms. Bailey freaks out and runs past me in a wild chase after Bella! Bailey is running and snapping about 4 inches behind her! I had to pick bailey up and carry him inside. I've never seen him do anything like this! Poor Bella is still in hiding
Anyone else ever have their dog do this?
Yesterday my 15 year old Rottie killed one of my chickens. She has never even given the chickens a look, I thought! I still can't believe she did it! After all of these years being right next to them and all of the baby chicks! I guess she decided when one got right next to her (she's old and slow) she would grab it. I'm still in shock! and sad for my chicken!
Same with Bailey he never seemed to even look their way! I'm sorry about what happened to your chicken!
My dogs (1 Great Dane and 1 Boxer/Mastiff mix) only get to mingle on a few occasions when we let the chickens and ducks out to roam for a few hours. We've not let them out too often yet but so far so good. My dogs, I would hope, wouldn't hurt a fly or they know they'd be next! The worse thing that happens is the boxer/mastiff will go up to the chicken/duck run and go "Boo!" all of a sudden, with a play-bow.


I hope your chicken didn't get scarred emotionally/mentally!

Kidcody - I'm sorry to hear about the chicken.
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Well, we definitely aren't letting bailey out any time soon! Poor Bella is even scared of my prissy little havanesse now!
He is a mix between a miniature schnauzer and a toy poodle, It would make a lot more sense if he was some kind of retriever!

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