Has anyone seen this on a Faverolles? Unusual


12 Years
Nov 15, 2011
Elma, Washington

I can't find anything like it. I'd like to know more. I just bought them last month. The lady I got them from said her neighbor hatched them and then had to leave suddenly.... so she took them.
Hmm, she may be part Dalmation with all those spots!

So sorry, I just couldn't resist! She's very cute, but could she be a cross? Sometimes, there's another breed in the background of a chickens genetics, and the color pops out....

I think you're right! Whatever she is, I would love to try and duplicate it....since I bought her she's been in a funk and not laying. I don't think she's sick, maybe a light molt? She's 10 months old... When she lays again I'll try to hatch some and see what I get!

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