Has anyone tried the horse/dog supplement Source in chickens?


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
I have a few horses that I give a supplement to called Source.. its mainly sold as a 'horse mineral supplement' (or a broad-spectrum micronutrient) that is in an active form.. it's all naturally occurring vitamins and trace elements.. its basically pure dehydrated seaweed meals.. herbs of the sea! haha It started out as a horse supplement, but then people started giving it to their animals too.. apparently in chicken tests it showed "egg production increased, as well as shell strength and amount of live chicks hatched" (paraphrased).

Has anyone tried it? I'm actually toying with the idea of giving it a whirl. I emailed the company to get information on how much should be mixed in with feed. It comes in a pellet and powder. Horses get 1/2oz per day. (It costs about $8 per month to give it to each horse). I feed a basic layer pellet, which I know usually contains all the vits/mins/etc they need, but this seems like a nice extra boost for overall health.

That's nice that they're sending you some information. Some people that mix their own feed either mix in kelp or offer kelp in a container for the chickens. I've even seen a couple of feeds with kelp in it.

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