has anyone used this type of portable chicken run before? Do you like it?


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I am thinking of getting one of these to protect my new flock from owls and hawks from overhead...is this the way to go for a small neighborhood lot? I live on probably 1/4acre lot with a 6foot solid (no holes) privacy fence with 8 chicks so far. I have a coop but I want them to be able to free range, but I do know there are hawks living in the trees across the street. I have also seen an owl in my tree above my pond before too, i think it was fishing. So i am obviously worried about this, what do I do? Thanks for your time and advice friends!


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This will work when they are growing out if you put food and water in there, in my opinion. However, by the time they are laying, they will need a nest box. Hopefully they won't have dogs around that might tear through the panels.

I have found hawks to really go for the adolescent chickens, and always try to give them some overhead protection until they grow out (netting), so this may work for you. I haven't bought this product though, so can't really advise you too much.

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