Hatch Help Needed! When to Assist or sit or my hands????


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May 17, 2017
Hi everyone, I need some advice! I've had seven of ten of my Scots Dumpys hatch, and 8 & 9 have been pipped for a while now (it's noon and I noticed them both around 8pm last night). (#10 hasn't done a thing yet.) Now the others all took their time too, but neither of these looks like the membrane has been broken. Chip-offs at pip site are good sized, but I'm afraid the membranes will dry out. Will all the racket made by bator-mates, I have no idea if they're peeping. I've seen some breathing that made me reassured, but it's not consistent. But I do seem spasmodic movement in #8. I'm happy to wait, as this is my first hatch, but I'd hate to lose those two chicks. Maybe open up and moisten the membranes? Maybe make a tiny break in membrane?
PS, #9 MIGHT be malpositioned...its pip is a ways beyond the air sac line, but again, with this being my first time, maybe the line wasn't drawn right? Good God, I could use some help - this is worse than childbirth on the nerves!!!!

Thanks in advance.
If they are pipped what I do is enlarge the hole to see if there's any blood yet or has it all dried up. If you see blood the chick is still absorbing the yolk, check back in a few hours. No blood I chip away at the egg shell to totally release the top than I leave them be for a bit to see if they eventually free themselves. If the egg is peeping than it's trying to hatch, and I believe they have broken into the air cell.

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