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    PLEASE somebody help me. How long can the chicks stay in the incubator while the other eggs are hatching. My chicks started last night and are still pipping and hatching. the one that hatched last night is almost dry. If I start taking them out now then the possibility of shrink wrapping the others that should hatch.

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    A little over 24 hours if need be. They don't need to eat or drink right away, which is why they're able to be shipped. You want at least 2 that are good and dry so that they're not alone in the brooder.

    When you do start transferring them, make sure you show them the food and water.
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    Chicks can normally go three days or more after they hatch without food or drink. They absorb the yolk for its nutrients and moisture. That's why they can be mailed. So you can leave them in there for three days after the first ones hatch.

    I have not had a hatch go that long yet, but two full days is not unusual at all. I leave them alone and don't open the incubator unless I have a specific problem to work on. I have opened it before when I had too, and I usually don't shrink wrap chicks when I do that. But I have shrink-wrapped chicks before by opening it. Occasionally you have to make a decision to open it or not and accept the risk of the consequences. But to me, opening it to take the chicks out before you need to is not a reason to risk the unhatched chicks.

    Sounds like congratulations are in order.
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    I usually wait about 2 days before I start removing the chicks that are completely dry and running around.

    I do not remove chicks when there is an egg pipping or zipping.

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