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May 23, 2017
At 6 days overdue I turned off the incubator and felt as if I lost my duck eggs for some reason or another they didn't hatch, yesterday while a friend was over I decided to open a few of the eggs to see how far developed they were I knew they all had ducklings inside, but everything I read told me at this stage they all would of died a late embryo death, (I did candled them and didn't see any movement before making this decision) When I opened the 3rd egg after it was sitting outside of the incubator all night and cold to touch this little duckling blinked, I was shocked and so upset, it now meant this little one would die since I tore the membrane horribly I never thought for a second there would still have been life after that many days past hatch day and after sitting out on the floor all night. I rushed the remaining eggs back in to the incubator, in hopes that if there was another that was still alive that maybe just maybe there might be hope, yet the chances of this I knew were extremely low, to my shock and amazement when I went back in I had one of the 10 pipping. Nearly 7days past due and with 12 hours of the incubator being turned off. It's now been 24hrs and this little duckling is breathing, there's been no cherping at all and the membrane is dry and hard around the edges it hasn't made any progress in the pass 15 hours, I'm new at this and heartbroken for this little one can anyone here offer this newbie any helpful advice?? I'm desperate if there's anything I can do to help this little one please send me a message back. It's fought so hard to be here I'm heartbroken that my lack of experience has caused harm to this precious little duck.
The lady who gave me a few for our hobby farm said they were a barnyard mix and told me to incubate for 28 days.
I don't think so she said that her daughter placed some in the incubator several days after me and hers have hatched.
As long as the egg membrane isn't bloody you can help the duckling out of the egg. If there's blood than you need to wait.
Oldhenlikesdogs thanks for your help our duckling arrived about an hour ago seems okay other then it's little neck seems bent oddly to the one side is this the result of being in the egg to long?
Hopefully it straightens out, glad it made it. What a strange tale indeed, I wonder what happened. Maybe your temperature was a bit low? I haven't done any incubating with an incubator, only chickens. I guess your duckling needs a name like Miracle.
Thanks!! Loving this site.. You've helped save my little jellybean here's a picture!


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