hatching eggs for others?


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Apr 24, 2011
Roanoke VA
if you do, what do you charge for it?

I'd like to turn an addiction into a potential side business, but don't know what would be considered reasonable to charge for such a thing...

i would be willing to hatch shipped or local eggs (they supply the eggs).

appreciate any input you care to give.

I've seen an add here in Houston on Craigslist. They charge $2 per live chick hatched. Not sure how they do with the business but they can also supply the eggs.
I charge $2.50 per chick. I learned a very valuable lesson. A fellow wanted 50 BO chicks so I hatched them for him and he paid for them. Now it's over 2 months later and I still have the chicks. He did buy a bag of feed but I have more invested in these chicks than what he paid for them. I will take a deposit (non-refundable) if they don't pick up the chicks within a week with the balance due then the chicks are mine too.
One lady I know keeps half of the chicks that hatch as her fee. Another person I used to give a bag of feed each time she hatched for me. Whatever works ;-)
I realize some may think a contract has to be written up by a lawyer but that isn't necessarily so. Next time have them sign to your agreement.

In your case I would definitely be running meter for each day of care and send him a "certified return receipt" letter letting him know what he owes you at this point. Also I would state a time limit to pick up the chicks or they are forfeit as is his money. If you make the designate the letter "restricted" then he is the only one who can sign for it and you'll be certain he got it.

What ever you do get it in writing.

I wish you well ,

ok my thought was, $1 per egg set, paid up front, and 1.50 for each chick when picked up... that way they don't give me grocery eggs or something and get a laugh when nothing hatches.

same for shipped eggs, but i'd have them have the eggs shipped to me pref, so they can get in the 'bator immediately.

anyone thing that sounds out of line?
A friend of mine does this. She has a large cabinet style incubator and charges 30.00 per hatch, no matter how many eggs you bring. She also has a form that she has people sign that states she's not responsible for hatch rate.

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