Hatching for the first time. I have a Question


In the Brooder
8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
I am hatching eggs for the first time and one of my little guys took an awful long time to come out. I did have to help just a little. He got very dry so i had to dab a little bit of water on him and he just popped out. But now he just seem a little off. Feet are bigger then the other guys and im just wondering if he is off or a roster. he not picking up his head like the others and just seem to stumble a lot more. any thoughts.


10 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Northwest Indiana
It's hard to say without seeing him. Sometimes I wonder if those chicks are a bit more exhausted since they've been struggling for so long. Unfortunately, I've helped a few and found that they took a little longer to get going. Try your best to ignore the chick and do something else for a few hours. You may be surprised when you come back and he's fluffed up a bit.

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