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    So let me get this straight, day 1-3 you turn 3 times a day and you have the temp. at 99.5 and 65% humidity. Then on day 4 you start cooling and misting and do this until you see a pip. Then on day 26 you stop turning and raise the humidity to 85%. Correct?

  2. Here is what I do.


    When hatching goose eggs the temperature needs be at 37.4-37.6 degrees celsius.


    The humidity should be 50-55% during days 1-26. On day 27 when the eggs are 3 days away from hatching the humidity needs to be around 75%. A hint to keep the humidty up for hatching is to take a brand new clean sponge and soak it with warm-hot water, then put that in the incubator. The sponge keeps the humidity high.


    The goose eggs need to be turned and odd number of times a day from day 1 to day 26. On day 27 of incubation you must stop turning the eggs. The goslings are moving around in the egg getting in the position to hatch. Rotating the egg during this time will confuse the gosling.

    Misting and cooling the egg

    Starting on day 4 and ending on day 26 you must take the top off the incubator and let the egg cool for 15 miniutes. Sometime during that cool down the egg must be sprayed with warm water.


    Around day 28-30 when the gosling begins to hatch you must not open the incubator. Opening the incubator lets out the humidity and the gosling can become stuck in the shell. Let the gosling stay in the incubator for 24 hours until it fluffs up before moving it to the brooder.

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