Hatching help?


Mar 31, 2018
I just recently hatched out my first batch. Everything went smoothly babies hatched out on their own and dried off, we're walking around and completely normal. All of the sudden 2 just flipped over and couldn't stand, eyes closed heavy breathing and then eventually died! I'm wondering what the heck happened? The other chicks are fine. Does anyone have any ideas?
Sometimes it is just genetics and what they call "failure to thrive". How many hatched total? Were the two that died out of a small number, or a much larger number? How old were they?

X2 sometimes there are things going on internally that we just can't see. For me it's usually the ones that hatch last and are a bit off timing from the rest of the group. How are the other 2 babies doing? Make sure your brooder temp is goid with a area the chicks can go to cool off if they feel the heat lamp is too warm during the day.

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