Hatching more guinea eggs!!


I love my sebright!!
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7 Years
May 8, 2017
My dad found about 36 guinea eggs in the field.I took them home and put them in the incubator,and now I've hatched 5 baby guineas, :yesss: and I have 3 hatching! I will set up a box with water,and the game bird starter tomorrow,and a heat lamp. :wee:)
I just checked them,I have another little one breaking out!!:pop It's so much fun watching them get out of the egg,and I've also noticed baby guineas try to help each other hatch!Has anyone else seen this? It is so cute!:D
Yes, I have a male guinea named Henny...Long story... He helped the others too! It is awesome! Here is a pick when he had hatched;

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