Hatching with an egg carton


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
I have seen it done, cutting the bottoms of the cups off a cardboard carton to make sort of a frame rather than a carton.

The thoughts (as I was told) behind it are 1. if humidity is too high and the internal pip hits water, the chick won't drown. I am not quite sure how this would help, because water would still flow downhill to the chick. 2. It will keep hatched chicks from rolling all the other eggs around. But they usually manage just fine even if they get rolled. 3. you can stuff a lot more eggs in the hatcher. This is true. However, the chicks have to have somewhere to go after they hatch, and need room.

I use as bare a box as I can for a hatcher. Thermometer, wet sponge in a pint ziplock, temp sensor, eggs. Done.


Apr 19, 2009
Valdez, Alaska
I hatch a lot of shipped eggs and I have used this method. I was told that it is a good way to hatch duck eggs that have a dropped air cell. It has worked great for me and it is now the only way I hatch duck eggs and I have been pretty successful almost always 100 % hatches. I did lose one this last hatch though. I cut down an egg carton so it is like a frame. I cut some of the top off and the bottoms out of each egg holder. The only problem sometimes it takes a bit more for the duck to get up and out once the top is off. I have never tried it on goose or chicken eggs.

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