Have mixed flock of 1 Grown hen and young Roo, with 6 week olds.


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I've been feeding all Medicated Starter/Grower. The local feed and seed only had Medicated. Its also where I had bought the chicks. The two older BLR Wyandottes are new additions from auction. Not so sure its fine that they have been eating the starter/grower. I bought some oyster grit for her and put it on the side.
At this point you can use a grower or and all flock for all. At around eight weeks the growing chicks can get by with the lower protein, while yours are a little young, you can make it up by supplementing with a high protein treat, if you think they can't catch enough bugs on their own.
I bought a 25 pound bag of the starter/grower a few weeks ago so there is a bit left. I had been wanting some Wyandottes for a while and ended up with two last weekend. So I wasnt sure if they would be alright eating the stuff. Its not as mash as the first stuff I had Bought the chicks so I thought it would be fine. But have been noticing orangish splatter poos lately and I'm not sure why. I have a lot of Georgia red clay dirt in my backyard and I'm hoping that's where the color is coming from. Most of the poos are darker brown to black but still a little splattery Was also wondering if it would be okay if I had a side bowl of crushed granite in there to. And if the chicks should have access to water inside the coop at night.
It does sound like they are eating the clay. To use up the medicated feed you could make a feeding station that only the six week old can get to. The medication, if it is amprolin is safe to eat the eggs, other medications there is a with holding period till the medication is out of the hens system. Putting grit out for them is alright. If the soil has rocks in it they have been getting grit on their own. Putting water in the coop depends on if they are let out early or late in the day. They don't drink if they are sleeping in the dark.
I found out it is amprolin. So they should be fine. I was checking the chicks out yesterday and noticed that one side of their chest muscles are coming in before the other. At least thats what it felt like. Not sure if that's normal, or if I just thought it felt like one side. Also the wyandotte hen that I have has only laid two eggs since last sunday not sure what's up with that.
I have been checking up on it normally. It doesn't really feel like a muscle when I press into it. But more like a pocket filled with liquid or something to that effect. They all seem happy and healthy. Is this "crop" you mentioned a pocket in the chest area that stores excess food to digest later?
That is the crop. What they eat first goes to the crop to be stored and softened before it goes to the gizzard to be ground up.

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