Have never done this before! But loving it.

Desert Lady

In the Brooder
May 28, 2020
Who would ever thought this city raised girl would move to the Desert and start raising, chickens, ducks & peacocks! And at the ripe old age of 69 no less. LOL

I love it but have a lot to learn. That's why I'm here, to learn from your experience.

Am currently on day 11 of my first hatch by incubator and everything seems good. Will start with some peachicks this weekend.

Wish me luck!
Hi and welcome! Good luck with your hatching. I’m pretty new to chickens too and I’m 51. I would have done them earlier if I would have known how fun and entertaining they are. I love sitting on the porch watching them free range around the yard it’s so relaxing. I wasn’t sure about roosters and I found that I enjoy hearing them crow! I had about 8 at one time but I could tell you who was crowing without seeing them. I only have 1 now, sold the others but I have 10 new breeds of chicks coming soon. I want to start raising them as a hobby farm. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of yours as I do mine. Would love to see pics when your babies hatch.

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