have to move incubator during lockdown--best time, temp ??s, etc

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    Ok, I am hatching eggs for my daughter's school, and I bought them home to candle and b/c i was having a little trouble regulating temps/humidity with a 16 hour stretch between checking them when i picked her up and then again when i dropped her off the next morning. so there are here. it is day 17. lockdown is tomorrow.

    ideally i will go into lockdown here, get the humidity way up and the temps stable, and take them to her school on day 19 or 20 (depending when they start to hatch). i am worried about taking them up there too soon and not being able to keep the humidity up--whereas i know if i wait until they start hatching, the humidity will climb on its own. doesn't that seem smart?

    also...it's a 30 minute commute. it's warm here in the south already. don't you think them drooping to 90 or so with a blanket over them will be ok during lockdown/hatch?

    we are in a brand new brinsea eco 20.

    thanks for any thoughts.

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