Have you ever heard of this ?...


obsessed with "ducks"
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
I have had hundreds of ducks over the past decade and every great once in a while one will die. when they die I pick them up and examine them and they have a sunken chest.Now some times they eat and next morning find dead and some times rarely though they are lathagic and pick them up same symtoms sunken chest,still eating and die a day or two later. Again out of a hundred birds or so this only may happen 2-4 times a year and only once did a duck come out of this back to perfectly fat and healthy. just wondering if anybody has ever solved this problem, or knows exactly what it is. Yes it would be great to get an autopsy but thats not happening where I live. also dont need guesses ha ha got those myself How about it duck pros,vets.breeders or anybody that had autopsy done ??? IM STUMPED

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