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Feb 28, 2009
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of Picking? Right now I ve' got some birds that look really bad. I bought "No pick" that is sold by "Eggcarton.com" to no avail. It's such a small bottle and the fumes nearly killed me. I'm surprised they even sell this stuff. $15.95 for a small bottle.

Also bought some "Blue Kote" that was recommended but no help. The directions are for injuries and don't say how often to put it on. Nor does the "No Pick".

It's getting worse. It seems the birds on the top roost bar are the worst.

I've also been told to stop with the scratch so I've only been giving a small amount in the evening as was recommended. I've got some fish meal to put in the feed but not sure how much or how often to put it in.

My birds pasture in a fenced in yard all day. I've been giving them more feed in the yard as well as on demand in the coop. No more bread like I used to.

What are some signs it's coming to an end?

I'm at my wits end and am ready to just get rid of chickens all together. It's really depressing me.
Sometimes switching to higher protein feed can help (20% grower or game bird feed, instead of 16% layer, for example)
They need FREE FEEDING, their feeder should be full all day every day. Not sure what you meant by giving them more food, but they should have it available all the time.

You apply the medicines liberally to the already-picked places. No big secret there. I do all the medicating while they are on the roosts so they are easy to catch and mess with.

It does sound like they get plenty of exercise and pasture, so they probably aren't bored.

Maybe they need more roost space??? Or some kind of different roosting arrangement so that the ones on the top roost can't reach to the others to peck them???

Also you can buy Pinless Peepers so that the chickens can only see the ground where their food is, not the other chickens to peck. They are avaliable at a few stores online and don't cost a whole lot. I've never used them, but I know that others have saved their sanity that way!!
They have feed on demand in the coop but I figured maybe some of them aren't getting enough, since there is only one feeder. So i've been giving them more outside. Iv'e been putting vinegar in the water as has been said. I've got 20 hens but wondered how much anti pick to spray on them, as this stuff comes in a small bottle.
I've read some use Vicks on them or vaseline. Has anyone used this type of method?
Would a roost that has all levels at the same height help?
What percent protein is in your feed? I had some juveniles growing out with some picking, not too much. Switched them to Ace Hi Quick-Gro 23% and within about two days the picking stopped completely.
Don't know what kind of no-pick you are using but, as you mentioned the smell, I assume it has terpenes in it. Straight pine tar is cheaper. I use a couple of plastic coffee stirrer/straws to get it out of the can and transfer to plastic medicine cup, mix with a bit of triple antibiotic ointment, hit it for 5sec. in the microwave (make it a bit more pliable) and slather it on the areas with the most damage (using the two stirrers - just whirl them around between your fingers as you apply). Slather on more as needed. You might be able to ferret out the worst offenders (those with gross tarred beaks).

This has saved our rooster's comb and kept flies off/healed up turkeys (girls like to torture roo's comb in the dead of winter, and cut way back on our turkeys sparring - raw-headed jakes with bloody snoods).

Don't get the stuff on yourself and, good luck!
I think you have a good idea in switching to a single roost. My experience with feather picking is that it's usually one bird that's the evildoer. They are pretty easy to spot - they're the ones with no feathers missing. Find your culprit and put her in jail until you get the others healed up. Do you have any overly amorous roos that are adding to the problem? Maybe send him(them) to bachelor's quarters for awhile?
I did have a rooster who was rough and I thouhgt he was the culprit but I've sold him to my regret and the girls are still picking. I'm going to change the roost to one level and I've been given some fish meal to increase the protein. I also am feeding them 20% grower along with 16% layer. A small amount of scratch at night and just bought some BOSS to throw on the floor. Hopefully it will help.

Thanks for everyones help


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