Having a problem with Jax - our older GSD


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Nov 9, 2007
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Jax is pretty obedient, about most things. The one problem we're having is getting him to walk nicely on a leash. We got him started late on it, I think, since he was 13 weeks old when we got him and all he'd known before that was being in an outside kennel (when he lived with the guy that bought him from the breeder).
I take him out on a leash or drag line every day, but when I take him out of the fenced yard he is insistent on pulling. He's on the leash for at least 45 minutes a night in the house and walks perfectly on it; going from room to room with me on my command. Sits and waits when I tell him to. Also, in the yard. It's once we leave the fenced yard that he goes nuts.
We've tried a harness leash that has a net piece that goes across his chest, with straps that go behind his front legs. Worked for about five minutes, until he got used to it. Tried a choke chain. Doesn't work. Following video instructions from the Monks of New Skeet, we snap the leash and stop when he starts pulling and then once he's calm, change direction; but as soon as we do he starts pulling again.
This evening I waited until both dogs were worn out from about two hours of hard play in the yard and then calmed down before taking them for a walk outside the yard. Kane was good, walked on my right side at a fairly good heel (for a 3 month old pup), but Jax was lunging and pulling so hard I had to cancel the walk. Even without Kane present, when we're doing one-on-one, Jax still pulls.
We're about to try another kind of leash. Called a Gentle Leader, it has a piece that goes across the muzzle - the theory is where the head goes the body will follow - but is not a muzzle.
Tried just about everything else I can think of, but tired of spending money on things that don't work.
With warmer weather here, I really want to be able to walk both boys around on the farm, but can't with Jax behaving like a wild man.


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I have a 9 month old St Bernard blockhead and was having ALOT of pulling problems on the leash. She's big enough to pull me pretty hard so I asked on here a few months back. I was using a choke collar on her as well. The general conensus was the prong collar and boy does it work and quick. I don't pull hard - you don't have to and she really responds to it. It's not hurting her but apparently the choke collars can damage their esophagus. I never knew that. But any way, she is a real blockhead (I later read that Saints are "slow thinkers)
What a nice way of putting things! Try it and see how he does.


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The Gentle Leader would be my recommendation! You have to make sure the part going behind the ears is very snug, but the loop over the muzzle can be looser. Most people make the mistake of getting too large of one. For my Irish Wolfhounds, I use the same size as my Chessies. Don't worry if Jax doesn't like it right away, they can be real posers. Use your usual commands. You will find that his body WILL follow his head. I've liked this type rather than the Halti, it has better pressure points. If people look askance, just explain that it is NOT a muzzle. You will find that Jax will start to resist you more, he is growing up and has a little one to impress.
I can always tell which dog came into the family first. Try this test with your two. Have your husband take the pup for a walk, you greet them with Jax at the door when they return. Kane will most likely greet Jax before you. When this is done with Jax, he should greet you before the pup.


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Prong collar = power steering for dogs.

Think of it like a bit in a horse's mouth. Basically means that you have to work a lot less for them to get the "signals" that you send.

Dusti will pull slightly, steady pressure on the prong collar, but she doesn't drag me around. I walk her with a couple of fingers on the leash. I started her on a small prong when she was 4 months old and she equates the collar with walks, so she starts jumping up and down if I even touch it! It was neat to watch her learn to read the signals coming down the leash, you could watch her trying to figure out which side of a telephone pole that I was going to walk on just by feeling the collar.
Hawk came to me already trained to walk on the prong collar, which is awesome since he's even stronger than Dusti and I didn't get to start with him as a puppy.

Get a NICE Springer brand one, they really are better than the cheap ones. Don't get the "easy release" style ones because those have a bad tendency to "pop open" more than the standard prong collars do.


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My friend used the prong collar on her Dobe who does the same thing Jax does. She tried everything and even classes but it is the only thing that helped. I thought it was cruel at first but she showed me it didn't hurt her hand and it was amazing as soon as the collar was on the dog walked perfectly. When she switched to a regular collar or choke the dog dragged her and was out of control. I don't know how you feel about them but thought I would share her experience.


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Oct 1, 2008
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Insistent persistent correction is all you need. It makes little differnence which apparatus you use. I have trained many many dogs to walk on a loose leash.. I recall no dogs that took more than a walk around the block for them to understand what it meant to be on leash.

It does require paying a lot of attention to what the dog is doing and correcting immediately.

It is not the dog or apparatus.


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There was a Bulldog in Bella's obedience class who pulled horribly and lunged all the time. They put a drag harness on him and when he pulled or lunged his own weight stopped him. I don't remember the exact name of the harness but it was at PetsMart.


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Nov 9, 2007
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So prong collar and the gentle leader. Heck I'll just order both. We've been working on this with him for months and he's only getting worse as he gets older. Stronger now, so it's even more of a problem.


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Easy Walk Harness worked better on Sophie. Link below...


Sporn Harness worked better on Sampson. He weighed more then me, and I had better control. Link Below...


I just noticed they changed the design from the one I have. The sporn collar I have is different. It has two straps that go underneath the front legs. No mesh. The two straps have sherpa lining. The mesh one you must have tried, grit


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