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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by NewChickenMan, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. NewChickenMan

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Hey everyone. I'm Steve. I am in the process of trying to get a variance in my town, Holden ma. I want to do 6-8 hens no roosters but I just found out that the neighbor living close by has started a petition against the chickens I don't even have yet. My friendly neighbor had told me that the petition states that the chickens will smell really bad. I know this is all last minute and everything being that the variance meeting is Thursday night, does anyone have suggestions as what to do at this point. I have already looked for ways to naturally keep the smell down and it isn't that bad, but I really want to raise chickens. Can anyone else help me out here?
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    This guy is going to be your hard sell. Get the other neighbors on your side. Promise eggs. Let the kids come visit. Promise poop/compost for gardens. Find out what others may be concerned about and address their concerns.

    Good luck.
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    Get people who already have small flocks (as compared with large commercial poultry industry) to attend and speak in your behalf; also your county extension service--whoever runs poultry 4H, or your state veterinarian. I rarely clean my coops, and they seldom have odor--only when there has been a LOT of rain, without a chance for the ground to dry out for weeks.
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    WHATEVER you do - do not mention Chicken Math!
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Quote:[​IMG] Exactly the same scenario here. All the snow, rain and again snow I only have one approx 3ft area with any odor at the moment. Honestly wouldn't have that but for all the shavings and hay I dumped there to get something besides a muddy lagoon to wade across. Controlling with raking and lime right now, but as soon as it's nice enough, I'll put down gravel and pavers and won't have the problem again. Dog poop smells whether it's been wet or dry.

    I'd also work to get the others on your side. To already be at the point your neighbor sounds to be when you haven't even gotten the birds yet, I'd be doubtful you could win him over. I don't have a lot of faith in people anymore though. Too many of recent dealings are just nuts. [​IMG]
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    just tell them the smell is a myth...... or say i have ferbreeze
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Two medium sized dogs produce more poop than a few hens.

    Allowing chickens won't change the zoning about smells or noise. Reassure your neighbors that you still have to abide by those rules and have no intention of living in a smelly environment.
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    Quote:[​IMG] There always seems to be one trouble maker. And yes, people are really un-educated about chickens, thats the real culprit here. Best of luck!!! Keep us posted!!
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    Quote:Steve, good suggestions from Sonoran Silkies. I also suggest that you contact your local Conservation District/NRCS office. I don't know about Massachusetts, but here in Colorado our local conservation districts have a ton of info and good contacts with area farmers and livestock advocates who could be good witnesses/speakers for your point of view. Here's your local info:

    Massachusetts Conservation Districts
    Holden Field Office

    The Medical Arts Center Building
    52 Boyden Road, Room 100
    Holden, MA 01520-2587

    Phone: 508-829-4477 x3
    Fax: 508-829-9508

    Good luck!
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    Mar 14, 2011
    Thank You All for your postings. I spoke with the neighbor like I said, but not the one who began the petition. They are next door neighbors and they are both in co-hoots. Anyways, he first claimed the smell would be bad, and politely I rebbuttled with "have you smelt anything in the past 4 years, to which he replied no" Then I informed him that I use cow manuare on the garden every year which had him speechless. So then he said wild animals would be coming into the yard to get the chickens and that there are little kids around. At that point I realized it was hopeless, neverthe less in my head I was saying, yeah I have 4 little kids, but I wanted to be on "friendly" terms with him so I thanked him for his time and went my way. I have researched about smells and have found two easy to use products which I will present to the town board, and I also will let them know that on top of them being enclosed ing a 6 by 6 by 6 coop with an attached 6 by 9 by 4 run the will not be allowed to run around my property. I will also advise the town that if need be I will put up a 8ft high fence (which I wanted to do anyways) around the entire rear and sides of the property to ward off any unknown animals. But I don't think many animals will come in my yard anyway. I have been here 4 years and only seen rabbits and squirrels. I will keep you post and please everyone pray for a good result. The meeting is at 7:15pm on thursday night est.


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