Having trouble maintaining constant temp in our bator....


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Dec 1, 2008
NW Virginia
Our mixed group of eggs are due to hatch the 27th of this month.
Having a bit of difficulty with keeping the temp steady... using a digital thermometer than been proven effective.
Temp usually is 100 - 100.5. Sometimes however, for unknown reasons lately it elevates to 104! yikes... don't want to cook the little guys! Usually we catch it and fix it, but how many times could they handle this happening? It's almost like the chicks are generating their own heat now that they are bigger and the temp spikes because of this.... we adjust again until the next "growth spurt". Sounds crazy - but that's the silly theory!
Thoughts? Suggestions? Most the eggs are brown or green, so it's been hard candling... all dark and solid except for the air sac...

Thank you!


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Jul 17, 2008
DC Region
Yup more AIR the last few days. Then the heat they do generate doesn't spike the incubator temps.

Ran into that with my homemade bator - needed more ventilation. When you're building your own, getting that balance for the first part wasn't too bad, then surprise - end of it and you need more venting. LOL I had to crack the lid, since there's no way I was remodeling a metal incubator with them in it.

Glad you got it worked out.

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