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Yesterday, while cleaning my coop, I let my 5 3 month old chickens out to free range. I never let them out unless I am near them thinking my presence will keep away predators. Boy, I was wrong!! A huge hawk swooped down and picked up my chicken that was 3 feet away from me. I screamed and chased the hawk across the street into the woods. I saw it fly to the top of a tree and realized it didn't have my chicken in its talons. I figured he dropped it in the woods and I began to call for her and search frantically. I then realized that my other four babies were still out. I ran back to the coop to only find two chickens remaining. I quickly picked them up put them in and ran back to search for the others. When i made it back to the woods across the street I saw the hawk on top of one of my silkies and I literally dove into the prickers and grabbed the leg of the hawk. It scratched me up pretty bad and got away. I picked up my chicken and brought her back to safety. After careful inspection I was only able to see a few small puncture wounds from the hawks talons. I ran back into the woods and searched and called for the other two. My heart sank and I knew they were gone. After hours of searching, I closed up the coop and put the netting back on. Just as I was doing this I heard a tiny peep and from out of the woods my two babies emerged. They ran over to me and laid down (they have never done this before). I scooped each one up in my arms and actually kissed them. THey must have been hiding pretty well while I was off searching. I have never in my life wrestled with a hawk before and despite the few battle wounds we all received, we are okay. My problem now is that they are all scared to death and refuse to come out of their coop into their netted pen. Do you think they will ever get over this? I guess I can't let them free range anymore. Any suggestions would be appreciated....THanks!!!
Give em a few days to calm down .. When I had a coon try to get my girls they didnt come out for a few days but I just throwing treats into the run and one day somebody got brave enough to venture out.. Once ones out the others will follow...
those hawks are brazen!!!! The chooks will come back out slowly. You did a great thing saving them but please be careful.

I am having to deal with a new hawk as well, luckily he is more scare of me but I have been nursing a BBW turkey for the last day from an attack. Everyone has been locked up as I have been putting up new deffences but the turkeys were so hungry and bored and I thought maybe they would be ok, I was wrong

I cant even believe the one I have is healing I debated culling but just could not do it even though it is a meat bird.

I am in the process of setting up fishing line above (abouyt 10 feet up) around my yard to make it safer.

Good Luck!
What a story! I'm very happy all yours made it through-- give 'em time. Maybe your tussle with the hawk will make it less brazen.
Thanks, everyone!!! And I did have nightmares for a couple of days after!!
It was horrible but we all are a lot more aware now. I saw him sitting in the tree the other day watching us but we were out and about (I was on top of them and had 12 GA with me
). I told them we weren't going to be victims and we had a right to be out combing the grass, just going to do it a little more carefully!!!.
Wow!! That close? And I thought they wouldn't dare, I've been sitting outside watching my two Bantams range the yard, no wonder they stay close to me! I'd grab a hawk too, but the chickens are so little, a hawk could make off with one.

One flew over this morning, but the neighborhood birds are pretty good about picking after them and running them off. He was busy trying to avoid whatever birds were swooping at him.

They do hide really well, when a hen I had was taken by a hawk (she stood out in the field and challanged him, mean little hen she was) her two chicks hid themselves into a brush pile pretty deep. Which had me worried a snake would get them, so I spent 3 hours digging them out.
I literally dove into the prickers and grabbed the leg of the hawk

WOW! um so i think you are my new hero!!!! and shhh...we all, from time to time, kiss our chickens

a random thought - could you use that light weight lattice on the top of your run??

good luck with them 'ol hawks! wow! oh wow!​
It's amazing what we find out we are capable of if something goes after our kids or chickens! I couldn't help but laugh at the scene that flashed through my mind!
You must of really surprised that hawk!

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