Hawk Or Eagle? in A Tree


8 Years
Nov 22, 2011
Central Virginia
We Saw A White Tailed Hawk in A Tree That is Close To Our Chickens, Ducks. And Guinea Coop it Stayed For An Hour Watching To See if it Could Get A Free Breakfast And it Left A Little Bit Ago
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If your run is covered, don't worry about it. We have hawks that will perch 6 ft away from our run and look at the girls longingly
. Our roo will sound the alarm and move everybody into the chicken house, and then the hawk goes away. As long as the run is covered, just laugh.

Good thing about the hawks--they'll eat a TON of mice, rats, snakes and other vermin!
Even more fun if it is an eagle! Not saying that it isn't, but the chances aren't nearly as good. Unless you're near a large creek or a river, it's not extremely likely to be a Bald Eagle, and you just don't have Golden Eagles in your neck of the woods. (I'm a former southern WV gal myself) Whatever you've got, get pics!

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