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10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
Saw a hawk sitting in a tree in a lot next to mine. The hawk was watching my chickens scratching and just having fun in the yard. I have a large pen , but I let them out for a few hours each day to pick some grass and eat some bugs and stuff like that. Well one chicken was about 10 ft in front of my chair , working on catching a cricket. The hawk launched from the tree diving right to where the chicken was. I jumped up and yelled at the hawk, the hawk screamed back and came right in, but the chicken flew into the shop behind me. The hawk turned about 4 ft. from me and screamed again. What the *&#$ is this about. I have never been this close to a hawk that was determined to have fresh chicken. So what repellent, deterrent , can I use to keep my chickens from having a heart attack , or turning into a meal ?
I bet she will not lay for a day or so:(javascript:insert_text('
This may sound nuts but start feeding the wild birds outside. Between the blue jays, robins, and crows around here they are forever chasing hawks out of the yard. I free range mine all day every day and have only lost one hen in 4 years to a hawk. I have seen first hand the birds dive bombing the hawk until he gives up and flies away.
Well Turkey is it then . I see a few locals selling baby turkeys so I will contact them and buy a few Toms to strut around the yard, until then my chickens are going to have to give up the free range life. I was outside today and saw the hawk sitting high in a pine tree. I know what it is thinking. No chance today. I picked some grass and a few cobs of corn and the hens are just as happy. Tomorrow I'll go and pick them up some crickets, and research on growing some crickets for treats for my hens. I'm excited I can buy more poultry and have a reason ...javascript:insert_text('

Thanks for your help and input !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!javascript:insert_text('
I saw a hawk in our yard yesterday when I drove up the driveway. It flew to the backyard when I drove in. All 24 of the girls were in the coop, and I was happy to have netting covering the run. It took them about an hour to come out after the hawk visited. It was a beautiful bird, but I want it to eat the chipmunks and mice we have, not my girls!
I have pondered over this for some time now also, I don't wanna kill or hurt them I'm almost thinking..............................Paintball gun?
Not a real good idea. Bird bones are fragile, and paint will really screw up their feathers.

Check out that other thread that somebody else already posted a link to. Things like bird netting, hanging CDs or pie tins, making an overhead spiderweb of nylon line, and other ideas have all worked for folks.

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