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Hi and welcome to my art class! I teach mountains, trees and bushes, and bodies of water like rivers and streams. You can take all three if you like, but you only have to take one to be in my class. My sole purpose in creating the class is to pass on my knowledge to others and hopefully learn some myself. I don't profess to draw great art, but I'm not that bad. In my class, no art is considered "bad". The only reason anyone would ever get an F is if they repeatedly don't turn in assignments without an excuse. If you have a reasonable excuse for late work, your grade will not be affected as long as I get the assignment in the near future. You can fail my class, but rest assured you won't be kicked out. I can give private tutoring if necessary. If you don't want the other students to see your work because you think it is bad or because it is really good and you don't want it to be stolen, you can just PM it to me and I will give you your grade. If you have a very tight schedule, I can be flexible as long as I do eventually get the assignment. I welcome any and all members! I can't stress enough that you don't have to know how to draw to join this class, the whole point of it is for you to learn. If you have tips or pointers for me or my students, feel free to share them!

Rules (I know art classes don't usually have rules but I felt it necessary)
- Please don't comment negatively on other student's pictures, I would like for people to give constructive critisism though!

- Even jokes can be taken the wrong way so please be polite

- Please don't mope around saying how bad of artist you are and that you have no artistic ability and that your drawing stinks, it get's really annoying, and someone might just agree with you

You can take
#1 - mountains
#2 - trees & bushes
#3 - rivers & streams

~Students~ PM if you want to join with what you want to take (you can take all three, just two, or one if you want)


ray's two cents

TT ~ First assignment - A

If you ever have any questions about the assignment or your grade, do ask me! Assignments will be updated every 14 days.

Mountains - Mountains are not shaped like pointy wizard hats. A pointy wizard hat mountain is pictured below.

We will start with the general shape of a mountain. When you think of a mountain, think of a pyramid. Don't picture a tall pointy thing, picture a massive sloping object.
Pyramid -

Mountains are similar in shape to pyramids, only not quite as square. For this first assignment, you will need to draw a pyramid. Good luck everyone!

*My art* Pics coming soon!


(above) It's not the best pic, i had to take it with my dad's phone that was going dead, and it was only a sketch. Ignore everything in the back and foreground, i wasn't finished when this pic was taken.


(above) It's kinda blurry because I had to take it with my phone. The light in my hallway is terrible.
Well, I wasn't yet finished with this painting when this pic was taken so please ignore the unfinished back and foreground. It has been done in acrylics, sadly, it will be covered up by a tree.
The line in the middle is a ridge which helps make it look more 3D. It is NOT a haystack *rolls eyes at mother*. It is pictured in winter so the colors are of snow and wind-blown rock and all that good stuff.

*Student gallery* (it's optional)

TT's assignment 1 -
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This one is titled "Twin Peaks and a Bush". This is a real gem of a painting, full of dappled light and shade. I used various shades of green to give depth to the bush. It isn't oil-on-canvas, but it has a similar feel to it. I estimate the value to be $970.
TT! :

Ms. HorseKid, Mickey is blatantly making fun of my art. His comment was obviously meant to be negative. I hope you give him an F.

"Hmm . . ." horse says. She writes something on a piece of paper. "Hmm . . . ! " she said, louder this time and writes something else on some paper. She looks skeptically at the two, squints, and writes something more on some paper.​

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