He STOLE my goslings!!

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    I haven't posted in a while. Hmmmm... I have a mixed breed Gander name Gremlin. Just recently I got 2 African Goslings from a someone local and brought them home. Put them in a large dog kennel outside on the back porch. Guess, who got on the back porch with them....That's right. Gremlin did. And the first night he DID NOT sleep, drink, or eat. He did poop though, pretty normal. xD

    2-26: The day after bringing them home. He stayed up all night with them. Wouldn't let the dogs near the pen, and they couldn't go out and potty.


    2-27: Day Later, Moved them to a large dog pen. So Gremlin would at least eat and drink. Been in there ever since. He is very protective. Just hisses at me, but will go after other fowl and animals. I was actually really worried about doing this, since Gremlin is the LOWEST on the totem pole in the goose world here. He won't let them under him. But we rearranged the pen, moving the base of the dog house under a light. He makes them get under the light.

    You can see him hissing at me.

    Sad Story Time!!! The bigger gosling was hatched with several others, someone took all the goslings and left him. :( So the breeder hatched out some more and gave him a little buddy that is 3 months younger. Couldn't separate them at all. So people are so mean.
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    wow, what a great name for him! He looks like a gremlin. [​IMG] And that instinct to care for little ones is just so strong in them! Lovely.
    How nice of the breeder to supply another gosling after some cruel person stole the others. Geese just so much need other geese, don´t they? They look great in the pic, They´ll stay a family now, gremlin has his own flock. Nice.
  3. TheJadeChicken

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    I have another gander. Gus Gus isn't the fatherly type, and I think Chinese mixed. He has attacked Gremlin about 4 times already. And they don't stay together since the last attack. Gus Gus is finding a new home soon to several acres and a large pond, at least.

    I just hate how the people left him. I always get a pair and if there was 3 I would have taken all 3. Never leave 1 behind.
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    Well people who steal goslings aren´t goind to worry about leaving one alone, I imagine! But now it has company, so that´s fine. Gremlin´s a very pretty gander. Have fun with them. Are you hoping for a pair with your gozzies?
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Last year summer i also had two africans stolen from me and i regreted leaving them in field that whole week but what can you do :/
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    I remember. There´s always someone........ [​IMG]
  7. TheJadeChicken

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    Oh no! The people didn't STEAL them, the bought all of them and left him. I hope it is a pair of Africans, or even 2 females. But I worry if it is a pair that Gremlin will take the female. xD
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    Oh, funny. "someone took"...haha, I thought you meant they were stolen! Oh, so you sold them...well only sell the ones you want to, eh?! :)
    Just get Gremlin his own female if they´re a pair, can´t you? If one should be a gander, there´sa good chance Gremlin would see him off. Let´s hope they´re not 2 boys!! And if they´re 2 females, will you let him have them as his own?
  9. TheJadeChicken

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    I am looking for Gremlin a female. I didn't sell them. I bought these 2 from someone else. He had all his geese mixed together and the kept laying eggs. And he has been incubating them. More than likely for 2 females, yes I will let him keep them. A pair, I will get another goose for him.
  10. livininbrazil

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    Oh, sorry. I really didn´t understand the story, then! Well I think Gremlin´s going to be one happy gremlin! Have fun with them!

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