Head Hen acting like a Roo...??


7 Years
May 22, 2012

my head hen is acting like a rooster--I hear that is occ normal.
for the last 3 consecutive mornings, she has started crowing in the coop at 6:30-6:45 a.m. (I think she wants me to get up and let them out :)
I am thinking that she is a hen but would love input if you think she could be a rooster??
(she does feather out her neck feathers at the others sometimes, and keeps them in line. She has not started laying eggs yet.)

She is a little older than the others i have (they are 17 weeks)--so I'm thinking she's 18-21 weeks old....

Hen or Rooster??

thank you :)

that is definitely a rooster. our chickens are 11 wks old and they are going to lay at about 12 weeks or so. And hens never crow loud. we had 5 chicks and one of them was really mean, always eating first, always pecking at the others if they did something wrong, and was the loudest. we took the "Hen" to the feed place and they said it was definitely a rooster. Good Luck!
Hahaha Stan! LOL

Im not familliar with this breed, but my Mille Fleur Roo started showing signs of being a rooster (including crowing and keeping the others in line) @ 7 or 8 weeks old!! I cant believe yours waited so long to crow!
But yes, sounds like Roo behavior.
thanks guys!!! you were totally right. was able to trade him in to local feed store for a hen :) only prob now, is that my others have not been too inviting. I have her housed next to their cage, but in a separate one of her own. I'm hoping with time, they will accept her.

muchas gracias
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