Head pecked clear through skull


Apr 5, 2021
We have a flock of Rudd Rangers--7 cockerels, who have grown and matured much faster than expected; and 6 pullets. We were separating the pullets because tomorrow is butchering day for the cockerels. As I picked one up I saw that her head had been badly pecked at the base of her skull. I guess this is what was happening when we heard such a ruckus out there. I expect the injury has been happening over a period of a week or two, but we had no idea anyone was getting hurt. She is now isolated in a cage. The wound is oozing a bit, and it looks as if it is open all the way into her skull. She is very small compared to the other pullets, and her toes are curled. We plan to dispatch her tomorrow along with the cockerels. Is there something I should be doing for her in the meantime? We have never had cockerels mature this early, so we've never had any bother the pullets; so we have no idea about cockerel behaviors.
Can anyone advise on behaviors and/or keeping our pullet comfortable until tomorrow?

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