healing baby chick question

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6 Years
Mar 30, 2015
I have a week old baby chick that had a bad head injury. It is healing, when do you think she can go back with her mom? She looks at the quails beside her and cries, I think she is lonely. If I pick her up she stops. Her head doesn't look red or anything, but it's missing its down.
Be very careful if you try to reintroduce to her mother. She may now be regarded as a 'stranger' and be attacked.
I have 8 broody mamas. I'm sure one will take her, just worried if I'd be putting her out too soon. She had skin come off and you can still see a bit of bone. Maybe I should just get her a buddy and keep her in the house.
If you can still see bone then it is to soon to return her. You may have to introduce her slowing back n to the flock when she is older. I have really goo luck with putting the babies in a separate area where everyone can see and smell each other for a couple of weeks then turn them out together and watch for awhile to make sure nothing happens
Do you have the ability to post a photo of the chick's injury? It sounds like it might need continuing care so it won't become infected and to facilitate healing.

Check out my article on healing a badly injured chick and all that it involves to get the skin to grow back in the injured area. It needs daily cleaning and constant moisture and antibiotic ointment to keep bacteria from colonizing it and killing the chick. They do live in a very germy environment.

If it's at all possible, keep the chick with its brooding mates. You can use Blue Kote to disguise the wound, let it dry, then apply the ointment and Vetericyn. Daily.

The article is linked below this post. It has photos of the healing process and what you can expect.
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