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8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
We were told by someone who evidently raises a fair number of chickens about this odd-sounding way of sexing chicks that are a couple of weeks old (once they have tail feathers in). What one does is hold the chick around the middle and quickly tip their head down. If the tail feathers fan out, it's a girl. If the tail feathers stay mostly straight or form a sharp upside-down "V", its a boy. Has anyone ever heard of this? I tried it on a few of my 3.5 week old chicks and, sure enough, some fan and some "V", but I have no idea if that is at all significant or just a result of each one's mood at that moment? Understandably, it irritated the heck out of the chicks.

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It works about 50% of the time
I have some pullets may try this when they are a few weeks old and see what happens it's worth a try any way can't hurt can it.
Honastly I don't belive theres any way of sexing chicks of that age.

There are many 'ok' ways of 'trying' to sex them, but I don't think theres

a way to 100% tell the gender.
Okay, just for giggles, I went and tried it on my three 4 week old "pullets". The two that I am 99% sure are girls did fan out, and the one I'm suspicious of stayed straight..hmmm...
What about the needle and thread trick? If it does a circle it's a girl and a straight line is a boy - I think. Is there any chance that's accurate?

Now I have to go home and try all these tricks. How do I safely mark chicks when I figure out what they might be so I can keep records?

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