Heard crowing, please help me identify :)


8 Years
May 19, 2011
Hi all,

I have two culprits. One is a blue orpintong that is a week younger than the rest, the others are from the hatchery and one of them is a black EE with big white splashes on his wings. Supposed to be a girl, but these things happen. Anyway, I'm pretty sure big blue is a roo, but he still looks like he's developing and I'm not positive he's the one crowing. If you could tell me what you think on both birds I'd appreciate it. I'm really thinking I may have two roos. I've posted a group shot at the end so you can see comb development in relation to the rest of them.

By the way, I played a rooster call this morning and my black and white EE payed really hard attention and then took off running for the other end of the yard. I think the call was a little on the aggressive side and I scared him. LOL

Anyway, here are the pics. I appreciate your looking. Oh, btw, anyone know what breed the little red one might be? She was supposed to be an EE but obviously she's not that. Thanks :)

The orpington is probably a cockerel. The black and white EE is a cockerel, and will mature into a really attractive rooster - he's a beauty already. The red hen in the last picture is a production red pullet.
Thanks, you've confirmed what I've suspected. I'd love to keep the EE - I may try the tube sock trick around his neck that was recently posted and see if that works.

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