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    I have chicks born on july 4 th of july
    . the heat on TV says 101 .. But at the brooder/ coop it says 105 yesrerday. The older chickens were running around with there wings out & there pantyloons showing . but the chicks were kind of bunching close to the automatic waterer & the box fan . I shure hope they make this heat wave. any suggestions? OH- they are 25 RiR's

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    Freeze several large plastic bottles of water and place those in front of the box fan (where the air comes out).

    If you can get some reflective foil (sold at several supply houses) make a tent out of it with the reflective side out and use this to shade your birds and water bottle air conditioner.
  3. +1 for the frozen water bottles.

    You can also drop a frozen water bottle in their waterer to keep their drinking water cooler, longer.
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    +2 for the frozen water bottles.
  5. I use gallon milk jugs, juice bottles, 1 liter club soda and 22 oz soft drink bottles...freeze these daily...use my TSC yard wagon to haul them to the chicken run each day.

    Four juice bottles go in the cat litter bucket waterer to chill the water, one of the 1 ltr soda bottles is hung on the side of a hutch in the run--as it melts they drink from it, gallon milk jugs go in 2 rabbit hutches and in Rubbermaid containers turned on their side in the chicken run...the hens love these...they get in with the bottles, other bottles are used in more Rubbermaid containers on their sides...the girls sit on the bottles...put some on top of the Rubbermaid feed box where they sit on these, too. When the day is done, I empty all the bottles on the sand in their run so that the sand is damp the next day. The girls love the damp sand; dig holes to sit and chill! [​IMG]

    I have a fan going 24/7.
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    whew . [​IMG] , I'll bet you wash those jugs before you put them back in the freezer with all your food!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Yep, I have dishpan hands for sure. About to go out and get them with the wagon, then wash, refill and put in the freezer BUT my chickens are worth all the trouble. Hoping for egg #5 for the day when I go out...had one that just started laying.

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    Jul 14, 2010
    Another vote for the ice bottles.
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