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    Can i? ;) - I have four White Layer girls, they are as goofy as Pekins, but much lighter. Had to remove one of them from the Tomatoes this morning (no, surprisingly not Blanca!) and i estimate she weights about 2Kg (4┬Żlbs).
    Bill, legs and feet are fleshy colored, but i also have two ducks with an orange bill, so bill color is only an indicator. Now remember, the White Layer is not recognized by any Poultry Association as a breed, it was created by Metzer Farms in California for Balut production and i have not found very little information how they created this duck, see here: https://metzerfarms.blogspot.com/2018/03/golden-300-hybrid-and-white-layer-ducks.html. There is no exact "specification" of a White Layer!
    There are even white Runner ducks and ┬╝ of all "Crested white ducks" hatch without a crest.
    White ducks are always problematic, as there are several "Pekin" variations in the market. Then there are old breeds, like the Aylesbury Duck that are white, add to that the countless farm mixes like "Canadian Meat Duck". White feathers often hide other colors, that suddenly emerge in the offspring, @Pyxis can elaborate about ths much better than i can, duck genetics is complicated and gives me migraines!
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