Height of a nipple waterer?


Chicken Tender
9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
So I've been reading quite a few posts about turning a five gallon bucket into a nipple waterer and I think this is the route I'd like to go for my chickies. At what Height should I hang the bucket? Or maybe even better, has anybody designed a good stable stand to put their bucket on that they could post pictures and give the dimensions of? Thanks.
Depends on the type of chickens you have, their size. I put mine so they reach upwards to poke at the nipples on the bucket, I'm guessing the nipples are about 18" from the ground. I have all standard sized hens. My bucket hangs from a hook on the wall and has a cinder block for support on the back edge.
I do the same thing, I have the bucket hanging about 18" from the ground. Just kind of hold it up so they can peck it and kind of gauge how high it needs to be. Maybe have someone hold the bucket and you have a tape measure handy?
I was thinking of hanging the bucket with a length of chain so it's adjustable in small increments. This way, I can hang it at the correct height when they're just coming out of the brooder box and then keep raising it incrementally until they're fully grown. I'm not getting any birds that will be dramatically different in size.

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