helllllp!!! just got new baby duckling need advice...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by quackquack, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. quackquack

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Fremont ,ca
    hi, this is my first post in one or so years or i am not sure.....I used to be Cavylover17... sooo hi!

    My dilemma is....my boyfriend went to the fair and bought me a baby duckling who is yellow all over with some darkening around the head but in general looks like a peking...i hope at least....it is by my guess about under a week old or about that much old....it is in a box right now with a heating light i've used for my previous chicks so i know its warm enough and works...and gave it a water dish and food and it has played in the water and drank and ate...and is right now lightly chirping and sitting under the lamp...my questions are...is that enough for ducks? im new to ducks, i have raised baby chickens before....he sneezed a few times earlier ,,,,so i got worried and put this lamp that is warm enough on is that still ok? i don't want him to have a cold or something...is it normal for ducklings to chirp constantly? right now he's pretty near quiet but the other part of the time he chirps over and over and over and if is scared as in alone he screams louder...which i understand is fear or alarm but....chirping is that ok? or is he not ok somehow? and how long till he sprouts feathers? lol...or is it the same care as a baby chick? and lastly, how do you all handle them enough to make them love you and chase after you and follow you? if they are raised by heat lamp wouldn't they not as likely be as close to you? or do you focus on that after they are feathered? Sorry for all the questions...thanks!

    -Keri W.
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    If I am correctly remembering......(my ducks are old) they did peep constantly except when sleeping. My original babies followed until they started staying outside but that is just my experience.
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    Chicks will do their own thing, but ducks are flock critters. If you have only one duckling, YOU are his flock and when you are away, he will be lonely and will call to you by peeping. You can either put him somewhere he can always see you or get him a buddy to snuggle with for him to stop peeping. I raised 4 at the same time and they didn't peep all the time. If I took 1 out of the box, it would loudly peep (and the others would answer) and try to get back in the box. Your peeping duckie is just lonely. [​IMG]

    As far as cold, not likely. Ducklings and goslings are very hardy when it comes to temps. They (by a week or so old) can handle most warmer outdoor temps. They do need constant water though both for hydration and to aid in digesting their food.

    As far as bonding, your lone duckling will imprint on you because he has no one else. Take him out and play with him, snuggle him, hold him close, talk softly to him, give him yummy treats like lettuce and greens, and keep him out for periods of time. Try setting him on the floor and take a few steps away peeping at him. He should just hop up and follow you. No, he will not imprint or bond with his heat lamp. The more attention and love you give him, the faster and stronger he will bond with you. No dont wait until he's older to try to bond with him, it will be too late then. You want him to imprint on you (see you as Mama) so you should do it now.

    If he's a pekin, youll begin to see feathers in 3 weeks. They'll look like a few rows of white toothpicks on his chest and shoulders. Wings are one of the last things to feather out on a baby duck (opposite of chickens).
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    Jun 26, 2007
    Fremont ,ca
    Thanks to the both of you....the duckling is at my boyfriends house and his mom has put the duckling in a large tank with heat source and water and food....the problem with the bonding thing is...there will be other people holding and interacting with it so, i'm not so sure on the bonding with me part...

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