Hello Alabama Neighbors!


6 Years
May 1, 2013
We just wanted to introduce ourselves to our Alabama neighbors! Carolyn and I are residents of Flat Rock, AL (NE Alabama) and we operate a family owned fowl farm. We breed, hatch, and sell several species of bantam and standard chickens, as well as Standard Bronze heritage turkeys, Blue Swedish ducks, and American Buff geese. Our Fowl of Odell Farms L.L.C. photo album has a few pictures of some of the fowl we have had over the past few years. We are on FaceBook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter. Our website www.odell-farms.com has more information about Carolyn and I and the services we offer. We are N.P.I.P. certified, and we are members of several fowl-related organizations. Please feel free to contact us regarding any fowl related issues and we will do our best to assist you any way we can. We look forward to reading about the fowl-related experiences of our Alabama neighbors and contributing to this forum!


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