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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Cel45, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Cel45

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    Oct 28, 2015
    Houston, Tx
    Hi, my name is Chuck. I live in the Houston, TX area. Having just joined the forum, I wanted to introduce myself. I am just getting into the whole backyard chicken thing, although, I raised lots of poultry in my youth. I currently have two almost 20 wk old production reds and I am hoping to eventually get lots of eggs from them. They are fun to watch and like to follow me as I do my backyard chores, such as weeding. I look forward to getting to know you all and I already have questions so as soon as I get through all of the preliminary stuff will be posting those.

  2. Michael OShay

    Michael OShay Chicken Obsessed

    May 14, 2014
    Welcome to BYC, Chuck. Glad you decided to join our flock. My wife and I were both raised in the great state of Texas, and my sister and brother-in-law both lived in the Houston area for awhile so we have visited the area on several occasions. If you haven't done so already, definitely check out our Learning Center at https://www.backyardchickens.com/atype/1/Learning_Center. There is lots of useful information there. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Cheers.
  3. gander007

    gander007 Chicken Obsessed

    Alright Chuck [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]
  4. Yorkshire Coop

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    Aug 16, 2014
    Yorkshire, UK
    My Coop
    Hi :welcome Chuck

    Glad you could join the flock! Congratulations on getting your new chicken adventures started :clap I too have very helpful chickens that help and also hinder me while out doing garden chores!! I love how friendly they are but when they are on top of your feet while walking it can get a little tricky. Sounds like you are enjoying your birds which is great. Chicken TV is great to watch, I can spend ages just watching the go about there chicken business.

    Wishing you the very best of luck and enjoy BYC :frow
  5. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Hello, Chuck, welcome to BYC and back to raising poultry.,
  6. NickyKnack

    NickyKnack Love is Silkie soft!

    Hello Chuck!
    Welcome to BYC and the coop! There's a lot of great peeps here! Feel free to ask lots of questions. But most of all, make yourself at home. I'm so glad you decided to joined the BYC family. I look forward to seeing you around BYC.
  7. AnimalsRmyLife

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    Dec 18, 2013

    Hope you continue to have a wonderful time here! We're glad to have you join us!
  8. N F C

    N F C home again! Premium Member Project Manager

    Dec 12, 2013
    Hi Chuck, [​IMG]

    I have 3 of the red sex link girls in my mixed flock and they are great egg layers! They're also real characters, always up to something.

    Thanks for joining us!
  9. BantamFan4Life

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    Jun 15, 2012
    My Coop
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
  10. drumstick diva

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    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    Nice to meet you Chuck, glad you joined the Backyard chickens flock [​IMG]

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