Hello! BB in LaPlata needs help relocating some roosters.

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    Nov 7, 2015
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    Im very new to the site, and only slightly less new to raising chickens. My father and I purchased some straight run chicks last year hoping that we'd get a decent number of hens. Turns out not so much as seven out of the ten were roosters.

    Now we love our boy's, their feathers are beautiful and they are all hilarious, but they keep knackering the three hens we have and it's starting to wear badly on our girls. We're also very concerned because as they get older we've noticed they've gotten more aggresive toward each other and we don't want any of our pretty birds hurt.

    We want to find new homes for some of our boys ( we've decided to keep three of our favorites and get more hens) but we don't really know anyone in the area and we want to make sure there going somewhere they'll be healthy and happy ( and not just until they end up in a stew or on a plate) .

    Can anyone help us find new homes for our boys? Or recommend us to some organization or some such that would take them in?

    Our boys are two white plymouths and two Golden laced wyandottes


    Here is Snowball, one of our Plymouth's

    And here is Dum, one of our Wyandotte's.

    Unfortunately the other two were not feeling photogenic.

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