Hello from Cecil County Maryland


8 Years
Dec 1, 2011
Hi folks!

My Name is Craig Balunsat and am new here. I have six hens, two ducks, and one goat named snowbird. I'm in the local news, so no need to hide my identity. I'm here to learn and help others.
This is my first attempt to have ducks, chickens and a goat for pets. The hard times have spurred me to go rural, or go the way of urban sustainability to provide more healthy and affordable food for my family.
Being new to this, I wrongfully assumed I was allowed to have farm animals just because my neighbors do, and I live in a rural area surrounded by farms...It turns out that I don't have enough land to legally own anything other than cats and dogs in my county...So I'm been actively engaged in having the laws changed, and get a variance for my situation. For me, yes, but more importantly, for the people in this county...They need to have the laws amended, times are tough, and we need this change.

So this is who I am, and nice to be here..looking forward to meeting people here. I would like to post a link to some articles in the local newspaper, which has been covering my case. But I don't want to post the links here yet, because I know how spammers like to do this, and I want no show some respect, since I am new here. But anyone wanting to know more about my situation can search for Snowbird, my goat, and in Cecil County, Maryland...google this and the Cecil whig newspaper. So far I've been a lone wolf fighting this, but I hope I will find like minded people here. I'm here to help and learn!!

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