Hello from Dartmoor National Park, Devon UK

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  1. Hi ya all!
    Have just got 3 Orpingtons after doing lots of research into the best chicken breed for pets and eggs....you guys helped my decision so much...THANK YOU ALL! [​IMG]
    I only got my teenage girls on Saturday and am already smitten.... I could not stop watching them and giving them scratches on their heads most of Sunday....by Buff Orpington is the friendliest.
    Their names are Henriietta (Buff), Eliza (Lavender Splash) and Betsy (Blackish one...not sure of the name).
    Can't wait to get home from work so I can spoil them with a few meal worms!
    [​IMG] Cathy
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    Enjoy your new babies and welcome to BYC!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Have fun with your new girls! Orpingtons are great pets!
  4. Thanks... Can't wait to get home and see them...I'm a sad case
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    Alright Kathy, [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]
  6. Thanks...I love this board
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    You are just addicted to chickens like everyone else on here. Glad you joined the flock.
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    Welcome to BYC and the world of poultry keeping.
  9. Sad news... My Buff Orpington called Henrietta died and I cried lots. Vet and myself couldn't save her. Why is it always your favourite that gets taken. She was sooooo sweet and I loved stroking her and listening to her little hoots of contentment :)
    My flock looked a little empty with just two Orpingtons.
    No one in Devon had any more so I now have two eleven month old gold laced Wynadottes.
    They are fast but will they get tamer in time?
    I Have to say that I LOVE ORPINGTONS.
    Their personalities are amazing....

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