Hello from Federal Way WA!


9 Years
Jul 25, 2010
Not new to chickens or to BYC, just never introduced myself before. First got peeps about 7 yrs ago when we lived in Seattle. Started with 3 Delawares & a black sex link. Upgraded the next year with 2 silver Wyandottes & 2 Dominiques. Soon realized that was too many, and rest of the flock was bullying the Dominiques. Dominiques were adopted out. Over time, lost about 1/2 the flock to respiratory diseases due to wet conditions. Needed to move, so adopted out the last three. Fast forward three years, now living in Federal Way (30 miles S of Seattle). Started last year with what we thought were 5 Jersey Giant hens. One died within a week, two turned out to be roos, and one is definitely NOT a JG, though we don't know what she is, and she's a good layer. This year, we went for 2 Dels and 2 RIRs. We found BYC thru a Google search when trying to get up and going 7 yrs ago. My wife, Jennie, has been the impetus behind having chickens, though I enjoy it just as much. Free eggs, fertilizer, garden tenders, pest control - what more could you ask? Besides, they're a hoot to watch! I like to do woodworking and handyman stuff. Love to make compost, just started my first worm farm. I drive a bookmobile (yes, they still exist!) for the county library system. My wife is on disability, but does as much gardening as she can. We just bought 5 Dwarf fruit trees and 5 blueberry bushes. Acquired raspberry canes from a sister-in-law. Trying to get a small backyard farm up and running on 1/4 acre. Must include info about our herding dog, Namaste. 1/2 regular Collie and 1/2 German Shepherd, she tries herding the chickens and does pretty well. She has even been able to herd cats with some success! 20160804_185045.jpg 20161007_220013.jpg

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