Hello from Missy in Southern Illinois


5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
Hi, I am a backyard chicken enthusiest! I am returning after I had to move and give away my girls. We have settled in a bit here and my wonderful husband is currently building me a new coop. So, hopefully soon we will soon have chickens again. I have missed not having our girls and cant wait til we get them again.
Anyone on here near me?

Welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community! Lots of members here on BYC from Illinois. So definitely check out the link that Kelsie provided. I hope you can get some chickens in your life soon. I know I would really miss keeping them if I had to suddenly let them go.

Enjoy all your adventures in life and welcome to our flock!
Good luck with your poultry raising adventures, and I hope you find everything you need to know. Don't forget to take a look at BYC's very useful learning center (If you haven't already)! The learning center as well as the forum should answer your questions! Glad to have you here! See you around with the flock.
Thank you all for the warm welcome and we are very excited to start our flock again and are on the hunt for our chickens.
We are located in Southern Illinois in a little town called Ashley. Not far from Mount Vernon. Thanks for the tips and I will be checking them out!

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