Hello from Pennsylvania!


10 Years
Feb 20, 2009

Jumping on the BYC forum. I started raising chickens on June 1, 2009 when a good friend of mine gave me six pearl white leghorn 2-day old chicks. They grew quickly in the brooder box in the shed before I moved them to the chicken coop that I had a blast building with my kids. Since then, I've added 2 more brown araucanas that lay green eggs. We are getting 5-8 eggs every day. It's been a blast sharing the eggs with others and enjoying them with our family.


Last month, another chicken "farmer" from my office and myself organized a breakfast benefit to raise money for American Red Cross Haiti Disaster Relief. We sold breakfast sandwiches with fresh eggs from our hens for $10 each. We raised nearly $900 that was doubled by our company (Siemens) for the cause. It was a blast, and there's talking of putting on more of these breakfasts - maybe once a quarter.

(Right now, I'm starting to focus some of my attention to my next backyard adventure - beekeeping. More to follow.)
Hi jonstolpe!
from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! Great job with your chicken coop, I like it!!
Isn't it great getting all those eggs, and to think, being able to share them for a great cause also!!
sgtmom52 - about 20 minutes north of King of Prussia! Nice to be connected with other crazy chicken raisers!

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