Hello from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


Jul 25, 2021
Northwoods of Wisconsin
Hello. I'm brand new to raising quail. Hatched out my first eggs who are now ten weeks old with another batch in the incubator ready to pop out in about two days or so. I am a wildlife rehabber and absolutely adore all species of critters, tame and wild. My girls are now giving me 9 eggs a day, two of them are celadon. Quite enthralled with these birds. But know so little lol
Welcome to BYC!

You're doing great for being new to quail! My first batch in the incubator... didn't hatch😬. And the ones that I bought were...all boys. Good job👍
Thank you. Last year I hatched out duck eggs for a friend as a project for the kids to watch .... I put it on my FB page. Years ago I raised turkeys, ducks and chickens and really missed having birds. I didn't take in any rehabs this season due to health issues and was going ringy not having babies of some sort. I did take in several litters of raccoons that needed expertise but had my fosters take them on once they were well. It's been nearly 20 years that I haven't had any coons for the season. Only have my one big guy who has refused to coon up for 8 years .... Midnite Rider and my four possums. Midnite Rider is a big baby ... we call what his personality is "Peter Pan Syndrome" .... he still sucks on his stuffed bunny. But needed babies of some sort to keep my insanity. Totally enthralled with these birds. I have tamed a few of them. The smaller dark brown birds are a bit more on the wild side. I'm currently getting 9 eggs a day, 2 celadons. Can't wait to see what colors hatch out this batch. They are all celadon eggs, except a couple from my dark brown birds.

I have mostly hens. 4 very dark brown hens, 2 very dark brown roos, 1 that has red in the sun but otherwise looks very dark brown. I think the one hiding in the corner on the pic I posted is also a roo but hasn't matured just yet. The dark brown ones are johnny on the spot lol. My girls in that cage have bald spots on their heads so will be putting the roos in a males only cage soon. Want to get some eggs to hatch from the girls first.
In my other cage I have hens, a Texas AM white, 3 Falb Fee, and two red with a white chest, one is a hen, the other is other gay or a late bloomer :cool:
Gee! Lots of colors, I only ever had brown...boys. could you post pics? I would love to see them!

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