Hello from Warner Robins


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
My name is Elijah. I have perused the site often over the past few years because I have been wanting to raise chickens.

I decided to join because I would like to change the laws here in Warner Robins. Unfortunately "fowl" is prohibited here in the city.

I did start an organization called Warner Robins Cluck on facebook with the hope of meeting other people in Warner Robins that are interested in talking to city council members.

Unfortunately I can only drool over the information here :) as I cannot legally raise chickens.


Hello and welcome! so sorry you have issues that will not allow you to raise chickens. Good luck in changing the laws!
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Welcome to BYC!

I am so sorry you can't keep chickens. Lots of people in your position. But laws are being changed all the time now around the country. Have you stopped by our section on Chicken Laws and How to Change Them? Maybe you can glean some info here and help to get those laws changed....


Good luck and I really hope you can start to keep a flock soon!
well, its been a while but now I have started a group and have over 400 FB likes/subscribers. Just floated a petition and got over 600 signatures. Onward!
Welcome from Monroe County. Hope you can get the ordinances changed. Byron recently tried and failed. I only know info reported in the Macon News. But it seems they had enough public support but voted down by majority of those in power. I wish you success and hope you will be able to have your own backyard flock.
Welcome Elijah! We're glad you're here and wish you all the best in your efforts! I hope they'll change the law! I've heard a lot of people compile a list of the laws/requirements of nearby cities that do allow chickens and submit those as an example to say, "Hey, see, it's not so bad. They're doing it right here!"

In our rural town even we have a funny law. People can have 10 chickens if they have one acre. But the coop or run has to be 100 feet from all property lines and 50 feet from any house, garage, structure, or well. If you draw out just about any lot size on a piece of paper and place a house and garage and well, keeping in mind those also have to be a distance from the road, it becomes clear there is next to no where to legally place a coop. Yet the city says, yes, you can have chickens, ten of them! Until you build a place for them to live lol

So I think a lot of laws just aren't thought out well as we all know, because they were made with another situation and context in mind. The situation in my town is that they were laying out the quantities of poultry allowed per acre, but no one stopped to realize one acre would need a more forgiving coop placement.

In your town, I imagine dogs are allowed. If they took the time to consider the noise complaints and safety complaints of those to the city per year, compared to that of chickens in a comparably sized town that allows them, I think it's pretty clear chickens just aren't a bother! Dogs can be louder, messier, dangerous, wander further, and have just as messy or unsightly outdoor houses and kennels.

@drumstick diva LOL that's crazy towns allow guinea and not chickens!! Talk about waking up to that in the morning lol

Welcome! Keep us posted on your progress! We're cheering for you and your future chickens!

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