Hello from West Central IL


10 Years
Feb 25, 2009
Colchester, Illinois
I'm finally posting an introduction after reading lots of great stuff in the forums here. This site is awesome!

I'm Jennifer and my family and I just moved from Phoenix to west central IL in October. I grew up near Peoria, IL and my husband and I met at college in IL, so it's not totally new to us, but it is to the kids who were born and raised in the desert until a few months ago (they are 5 and 3 and are adjusting quite nicely!).

We are planning on getting a few hens to supply eggs for us and maybe some extra eggs to give to family. I've researched breeds and have done a lot of reading already but still trying to figure out HOW to get just a few pullets. Anyway, I will be reading and posting more as I need to, but just wanted to say hi.

I started a blog about our move from the city to the country if anyone is interested. It's http://hippygirl.wordpress.com. Mostly I've been posting about the process of getting chicks because that is what is on my mind lately.
, Jennifer!

Glad to have you here!

And welcome to West Central IL! I live near Hamilton, IL. You can order just a few pullets of whatever breed from the farm store. Not sure that there is one in Macomb though. You might have to drive to Keokuk, Galesburg or Burlington to do that. Good luck!

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