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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Stephanie_VA, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Stephanie_VA

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    Nov 23, 2017
    Chesapeake, VA
    Hello! I'm Stephanie, and I live in Chesapeake Virginia.
    Several years ago I decided to work toward a more self sufficient lifestyle. I plowed up a veggie garden, planted a few fruit trees, and began raising meat rabbits. My intent was to also start keeping a backyard flock. But after beginning with the rabbits I realized that opening too many projects at once might be overwhelming and possibly defeat my goals. Including the responsibilities of keeping livestock into my daily schedule could possibly become too much and my animals might suffer from my inability to keep up. So, I put off hens for a while. Well, it's been over 2 years since I first got my rabbits, and I feel confident in my ability to maintain them and bring hens to the mix.
    In the research I've done online to educate myself about hens I noticed that a huge percentage of the google links I got to my questions pointed here. It was plain that membership here was a smart choice. I joined a similar forum for rabbits when I began with them, and it has proven to be a great help, plus a lot of fun. So, here I am.
    I have no chickens, or even a coop yet. But, I am planning my tractor build now, and my plan is to get a few chicks next spring. I am planning on Buff Orpington for a breed. From what I've read they are easy to care for, friendly, productive, and do well in this climate. City ordinance limits me to 6 hens, which would be much more than my own needs would require, since I live alone. But, I realize I will likely be giving away a few eggs to neighbors and family. I'm also hoping to sell a few eggs to coworkers from time to time to help offset feed costs. Realizing that the possibility exists to lose a chick or 2, I am planning on actually getting 6, and hopeful that most will survive. I didn't think it wise to get only a few and maybe add more later, realizing that getting newbies into an existing flock might require more attention than I would be able to give.
    So, that's me in a nutshell.
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  2. ChattyChickens4Life

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    Oct 1, 2017
    Welcome to BYC! I too a limited to only 6 hens... *sigh* It's so hard to only have so few! Chicken math is a real thing! LOL! I have heard that Buff Orpingtons are, as you said, friendly, productive, and sweet. But I would recommend getting a variety. Because I promise that that you will find some adorable looking bird that you will want. It's fun to have a variety! I myself have 4 EEs (they are super friendly and beautiful) and 2 Silkies (gorgeously fluffy and super sweet)!

    Make sure you have plenty of room for your chickens! It's important that they aren't cramped. If you need a good place to get chickens, MPC (My Pet Chicken) has many breeds and a low order minimum. You can also choose to vaccinate against Mareks.

    I think it's great to give out some eggs! If you really wants to impress your neighbors/friends/family, maybe consider getting a colorful egg layer like and Easter Egger or an Amerecauna.

    If you have any questions, just ask!

    -Chatty :)
  3. BantyChooks

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    Aug 1, 2015
    My Coop
    Feel I should add here that whilst they seem to be a nice place, the prices are outrageous, lol.

    Welcome to BYC! It sounds like you're doing really well with this.
  4. rjohns39

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    Aug 20, 2015
    Smith County, TN
    Hi Pat and welcome to BYC:frow We're so happy you've decided to join us:ya

    Happy Thanksgiving:wee Nice intro
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  5. Hope Hughes

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    Apr 1, 2017
    Madison, FL
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    Welcome to BYC!!
    So glad to have you here!!
    Thanks for sharing your story!!
    There are many people on here that are ready to help in anyway they can!
    The learning center also has alot of great information on it as well!
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  6. Farmer Connie

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    Feb 28, 2017
    Florida Peninsula
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  7. ChattyChickens4Life

    ChattyChickens4Life OCD (Obsessive Chicken Disorder)

    Oct 1, 2017
    Yes lol! Sometimes though if the chicks are healthy and you can get hard to obtain breeds, it may be worth it. Not to mention that not many online hatcheries have such a low order minimum. It definitely has pros and cons. :)
  8. penny1960

    penny1960 Going back to La La Land

    Dec 29, 2015
    Mossyrock, WA
    Great bio Stephanie Welcome to Backyard Chickens this Thanksgiving day I am PennyJo nice to meet you. if you have six birds figure about 4 square feet per bird.
    when you add birds give yourself a place the new ones can be and the older can see but not touch for a few weeks minimum... always add in two as chicken math takes over :wee:welcome
  9. Allie Grace Sanders

    Allie Grace Sanders Songster

    Oct 12, 2017
    :frowWelcome to BYC! Great to have you here!:clap
  10. Stephanie_VA

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    Nov 23, 2017
    Chesapeake, VA
    The tractor I have in mind would be a 4 X 6 coop elevated over a 4 X 12 run. The run is a wee bit small for them. But, being portable, I'll be able to give them fresh pickings often.
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