Hello! I have some questions regarding bantams.


Mar 7, 2018
Hello, tomorrow I am getting 4 bantams from Family, Farm and Home (like TSC) but I have some questions.
I live in a very open basement (full sized windows, two almost 7by5 feet, 1/2 underground if that makes sense.) The only rooms closed off are the laundry toom and the bedrooms. I have 6 pet birds and I was wondering if it'd be safe if I kept the chicks in the "extra"/storage bedroom room? Would they transfer disease to my birds? Obviously I would wash my hands/change clothes after handling the chicks. Has anyone done this? Thank you!
My son also has a pet bird. We got chicks this past September and they stayed in the laundry room in our basement till they were several months old. They are now outside, and I have more baby chicks in the basement..this hobby is addictive!! The bird, Apollo, has never gotten sick. We are careful with the handwashing and the birds are really never near each other.
The pet birds are in the living room area, and they'll be in the laundry room or the spare room which is just a door away. They will not be in contact with the pets. Will definitely wash hands and all that. Thanks!
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